Orlando South is a public food grade warehouse in Central Florida, where labor availability is high and costs are low. There is temperature controlled space available and an additional drop lot at this location. Orlando South is a third-party logistics warehouse is approximately 1 mile from the Orlando North building which has an additional 360,000 additional square feet of public space.

  • Total Building Square Footage: 268,417
  • Cooler Square Footage: 35,000
  • Office Square Footage: 6,650
  • Total Number of Dock Doors: 30
  • Column Spacing: 50 ft x 44 ft
  • Lot Size: 22.28 acres


United Facilities, Inc.
11401 United Way
Orlando, FL 32824

Contact: Dave Condreay
Phone: 407-858-2505
Fax: 407-858-2901
Email: Dave Condreay
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